Reverend Summit’s Shopping list for Tea

Aloha friends and thumbs! I am back with my shopping list for mixing compost teas for my students, this should help most of my students to get the correct products to mix your own.

Digital Ph meters- eBay or any hydro store in Hawaii but on Oahu Kahala Hydroponics has they cheapest at around $50 with a warranty and is a good meter as it is able to change out electrode. But online is definitely cheaper. When you choose online rather than a direct shop, you can buy them with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which gives you additional benefits. To learn more about cryptos or to buy them safely, check out the chain reaction site, a highly rated automated bot for crypto trading.

Ohana greenhouse:

Calibration solutions- 7.0&4.01
Mad farmer get down

Mad farmer oxygenator
Earthworm castings (more expensive here but come in 50lb bags)
Variety box guano- mex,, Jamaican, Indonesian
Alfalfa meal
Hydro organics myccorhyzea

Waikiki worms:

Earthworm castings( expensive but good)
Granulated Humic acid
Also has alfalfa meal

Whole foods
Blackstrap molasses

New Age Agriculture:

Earth worm castings ( they carry 30lb and smaller bags when available, and much cheaper.

Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel


Genetics: Blue Black x Canadian Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino

Flowering time: 9-10 weeks

This is one of Portugal’s own seed companies Sweet Seeds and one of my favorite blends. Has a good yield and more than anything it’s medical qualities are unbelievable with a unique flavor and aroma. I got my seeds from Attitude Seeds online.

Ohana Greenhouse Discount Cards

Aloha friends and thumbs I am back again letting you know that the folks down at Ohana Greenhouse are now offering us growers some new things. Not only are they now carrying a much more affordable organic ingredient line Dr. Earth which now includes alfalfa meal and they got 25lb bags Finally. This will be a big help when building and amending your soil mixes, also they are now offering a new discount card for those returning customers. So ask for your card next time your in one of their locations, 5% off all cash purchases and 2% off card purchases

Ps. Roots organic has changed their 707 mix now to include livestock manure so be careful with small plants!

Labor Day Sale

Aloha friends just giving you a heads up on a 3 day Labor Day Liquidation Sale out at Hawaii Grow on the east side( Kapaa Quarry- behind All pool ). Sept 3rd, 4th and 5th go get some savings.

Rev. Summit’s 808 Quick Mix for Recycling

Aloha friends and thumbs! Back to give my recipe for how I recycle my soil in what I call the 808 Quick mix. This should be slightly adjusted if you are in other parts of the world as I am making a tropical mix for a quick dry in moist or tropical environments.( key tip: keep soil light- add more sponge rock or perlite if you are in extremely moist environments ) This mix works well indoors but may need a few components for west coast growers, as you will notice I do not add Epsom Salt.

808 Quick Mix

1.5 yards recycled soil from pots

** shake old root system from old soils and discard**

10-15 lbs Earth worm castings
1 to 2 - 1 lb bag niu sponge rock or perlite
1/4 cup trace elements
1 1/2 cups Alfalfa meal
1 cup Kelp meal
1-1/2 cup Blood meal
1- 1/2 cup Bone Meal
1 cups Mexican Bat Guano
1/2 cup jamaican Bat Guano
1/4 cup Indonesian Bat Guano
1/4 cup granular Humic Acid
1/4 cup fine ground myccrohyzea

** I usually add about 1/2-1 cup garden lime or 1 cup of oyster shells as to adjust my ph up, If you need a down ph I suggest change the ph of water or use a Aluminum Sulfate of some kind, but I have checked my bucket of soil before I recycled to get an average ph of my soil medium after a season and a flush. I like a neutral soil Ph of around 6.5-7 **

Remember this is a quick mix, I de-root and mix ingredients well and start using immediately after. So good planting and farming.

New Store East Side Kapaa “Hawaii Grow Hydroponics”


Aloha friends and thumbs! Back to let you know about the new specialty hydro shop that just opened on the East side, Hawaii Grow Hydroponics is now open in Kapa’a Quarry’s industrial area located behind all pools. If you are having a hard time finding them call Mario at 808-261-GROW(4769). HGH has some of the newest nutrient lines out there, not to mention some of the Australian nutrient products. Some of the nutrient products HGH carries are Advanced Nutrient and’s

Australia’s Bloom and Also Cash Crop products.These alone differentiate HGH from the other stores. HGH also carries soil products like Aurora’s Roots Organics 707 formula. HGH also has all your indoor growing products from mediums, ballast, bulbs and all your other indoor growing needs for closet setups and even Aquaponics, not to mention the owner Mario is a very easy to talk to individual. So go check Mario out, and let’s give him our support. Remember They a little hard to find but are in the warehouses in Kapa’a quarry. Address is 905 Kalanianaole Hwy Kailua 96734

Green Hands Of Aloha Discount Card

Aloha friends and thumbs back with a little good news for summer and your pocket. Well as we all know setting up our soils for a long summer season is always a costly but unavoidable, but today back with some good news because those guys down at Green Hands of Aloha have contacted me and want me to offer a discount card to all those Hawaii Healing Tree members for that little discount as to keep those cost a bit lower. They have a good assortment of organics sold by whatever weight  for mixing your Super Soils, Quick Mixes and Compost Teas. Green Hands also carries the new LitroGro T8 magnetically charged 32 watt Fluorescent bulbs( Experimenting as we speak), there are lots of claims and I will put them through the test in the next 8-12 months , so keep checking back for updates. Also I will be Talking about the new Spinner they are now selling.  Check out Aaron and his boys down Sand Island and copy and print this card for 10% of your purchases:

1713 Mary St.



Easy & Cheap Greenhouses For Summer


Aloha friends and thumbs back with a little info for you outdoor farmers. Lowes and Home Depot are now stocking and selling easy erectable greenhouses. Price ranges from $89 for a 4×4 flowerhouse to a 6×8 ranging at $200. If you go to the garden section and they are sold out order one if you got the space. This is an affordable way to secure and isolate your plants from predators and those unsavory characters meaning to do harm.

This unit was donated to me by a patient and good friend that had to move back to mainland, Michigan he gonna show you how to grow it! Special thanks to Mike G we will miss you buddy!

Mobile Sunrise Sunset Calendar

Aloha friends and thumbs I am back with a little review on a helpful tool offered for iPhone in the App store. Sunrise Sunset lite(free) or pro($0.99)- a free gps based sunrise & sunset calendar to help all you thumbs track the Sun-moon and your day length. A helpful little tool for all you outside growers, this will help one in knowing when to get those summer plants out and not to mention get those last short season plants out for one last harvest, before that long summer. I personally find this App unbelievably useful, cause if not I have to get on Google and find one. This puts each days specifics right in the palm of my hand. The free version is all one really needs.



Catapiller Time In The Islands!

imageAloha friends and thumbs! Just my spring time warning that the Moths and Hawaiian Monarch Butterflies are out in full force. I personally use Safer Caterpillar spray on my outdoor ladies( 10 ml per gallon water), cause if not they would get ravaged. You can spot those little devils by the damage they do. Foliage or leafs will start to have damage a they will eat holes and complete tips of leafs. Also be careful of them curling up in your bud formations, you know they are there if you see little black specs, this their feces as they eat and destroy your buds by taping the stem for water behind tight bud formations. They secret a saliva that keeps the plant from healing the wound as they drink, as the plant continues to bleed water the bud formation will start to mold a purplish Grey mold from inside out (this is always accompanied by those black specs). Unfortunately can’t spray safer in the last weeks of flowering, so having a keen eye will help save your crops. Also a good ohn regimen will help.


**best to spray at night after cool sets in or early morning**

**I personally like 2 hours before sun up, so as my mixture has time to work and evaporation is slow**