Green Hands Of Aloha Discount Card

Aloha friends and thumbs back with a little good news for summer and your pocket. Well as we all know setting up our soils for a long summer season is always a costly but unavoidable, but today back with some good news because those guys down at Green Hands of Aloha have contacted me and want me to offer a discount card to all those Hawaii Healing Tree members for that little discount as to keep those cost a bit lower. They have a good assortment of organics sold by whatever weight  for mixing your Super Soils, Quick Mixes and Compost Teas. Green Hands also carries the new LitroGro T8 magnetically charged 32 watt Fluorescent bulbs( Experimenting as we speak), there are lots of claims and I will put them through the test in the next 8-12 months , so keep checking back for updates. Also I will be Talking about the new Spinner they are now selling.  Check out Aaron and his boys down Sand Island and copy and print this card for 10% of your purchases:

1713 Mary St.