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Ohana Greenhouse Discount Cards

Aloha friends and thumbs I am back again letting you know that the folks down at Ohana Greenhouse are now offering us growers some new things. Not only are they now carrying a much more affordable organic ingredient line Dr. Earth which now includes alfalfa meal and they got 25lb bags Finally. This will be a big help when building and amending your soil mixes, also they are now offering a new discount card for those returning customers. So ask for your card next time your in one of their locations, 5% off all cash purchases and 2% off card purchases

Ps. Roots organic has changed their 707 mix now to include livestock manure so be careful with small plants!

Labor Day Sale

Aloha friends just giving you a heads up on a 3 day Labor Day Liquidation Sale out at Hawaii Grow on the east side( Kapaa Quarry- behind All pool ). Sept 3rd, 4th and 5th go get some savings.

Advanced Nutrient

Aloha friends and thumbs I am back with another review and recipe for using canadian fertilizer, Advanced Nutrients. Advanced Nutrient can be confusing if your not ready for it, but the do make it easier on a first time grower with an online nutrient calculator on their which breaks down your mixing needs very precisely. With the addition to the local growing stores New Age Agriculture has opened in the Pearl City area, which specializes in Advanced Nutrient Basic 2 part Sensi lines and their higher end line Conissuer and all their additives. Also now Kahala Hydro is carrying Advanced line of nutrients. I personally only use the Sensigrow 2 part and Sensibloom 2 part, along with my compost teas.

** as of late I have gone back to CES 6 part for my veg fertilizer with teas**

As for smart nutrients I like Advanced, but personally I would never spend on all their additives when I make teas. Nor would I spend on conissuer line no matter what some says it supposed to do. I have had the products some good and some just as bad as my worst grow done with Bigfoot. The best line I have sampled from conissuer was a master kush, tasted just the same as my pure organic compost tea feeding, and I yielded more or less about the same. To each his own, someone once said. With that do realize that advanced 2 parts are very reasonably priced and will work good with manure based soil mixes, bought from walmart, homedepot or lowes.

How to make your own EM-1™ inoculant and Bokashi

rice water EM

Aloha thumbs and friends. I am back to give one of my biggest secrets away, it is my own homemade root inoculate or EM™/BAM(beneficial active microorganism) made with rice water, milk and sugar. There are many shelf bought version for ridiculous pricing, for those with the little know how to make ones own. House & Garden makes Root Accelerator,Hygrozyme, Sensizyme, Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice are some of the high priced products that my own home culture works as well as or even in some cases has even worked better. I know many growers that would not even think of culturing their own or even would have the know how to, but I offer you my knowledge for your own frugal organic gardening purposes. Not to mention how I have talked about recycling and composting with worms, now I will introduce you to the Japanese form of Bokashi Composting or fermenting and how to make your own home made cheap alternative Bokashi Buckets and Bokashi mix.

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Benificial Bacteria- Myccrohizea


Definition from wkipedia:

A mycorrhiza (Gk.,: fungus roots[1], pl mycorrhizae, mycorrhizas) is a symbiotic (generally mutualistic, but occasionally weakly pathogenic) association between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant.[2]

In a mycorrhizal association, the fungus colonizes the host plants’ roots, either intracellularly as in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), or extracellularly as in ectomycorrhizal fungi. They are an important component of soil life and soil chemistry.

Soil & Organics: I use Mycorhizae in my Hum-tea creating a rooting juice much like Root Accelerator or Hygrozyme for my soil, Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Cutting Edge Solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions & Organic tea 3 weeks

Aloha friends I am back with some feedback on Cutting Edge Solutions 6 part. Well I tried first to use CES (plant amp, mag amp, uncle johns blend) additives to GH 3 part during flowering and I found that they do not mix well if the plants are not accustomed to this mix. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

General Hydroponics 3part

General hydroponics
Aloha friends! Since I teach General Hydroponics as a base feed and boost for your plants I need to put some of my mixing instructions up. I will put an advanced feeding chart up soon. And remember our best ph levels are 6.4-5.8 for growth in our plant.

Mixing instructions and sequence for optimal growth and flowering

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Green Light Products Rooting Powder Vs. Clonex

Clonex & Rooting: Cloning Products

Aloha again with a revised article and breakdown of a side by side test of Rooting Powder and Clonex, I also use Olivia’s but not in this experiment. Well I did a 10 day experiment with 3 different strains( Blue Mystic, Vortex, Gods Gift ) and all using 3 different propagation methods( aero-cloner, GH Rapid Rooter plugs in soil, and GH RR plugs in tray and dome ) creating one outstanding result. What I found happening in all my clones is Clonex seems to have created swelling and nubs looking to sprout within 3 days on vortex and showed no results on the other strains in the aero-cloner. Rooting showed nothing, no swelling or browning even. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Beware Growers! Root Aphids!

Root Aphids

Root Aphid

Growers beware Hawaii is being plagued this summer with an outbreak of root aphids. Due to the long travel time and close storage areas most every soil mix being sold in stores are culturing many bad things such as root aphids and other Bacterial soil contaminants. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Hum Tea For Summer

Humtea for all those organic gardeners cheap easy and done simply for the benefit of all your plants, you can strain or make a teabag, so you may use it in a sprayer for foliar feeding.

Use rain water or let ones tap water aerate for at least 48 hours to bring down chlorine levels so as mycorrhirzae (beneficial bacteria) will be able to culture. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »