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New Hawaiian Hybrid: Asylum

Genetics: Blue Hawaiian Hashplant X Blue Mystic
Flowering: flowers in 14 1/2 hrs light and finishes in 10 weeks of flowering.


Easy & Cheap Greenhouses For Summer


Aloha friends and thumbs back with a little info for you outdoor farmers. Lowes and Home Depot are now stocking and selling easy erectable greenhouses. Price ranges from $89 for a 4×4 flowerhouse to a 6×8 ranging at $200. If you go to the garden section and they are sold out order one if you got the space. This is an affordable way to secure and isolate your plants from predators and those unsavory characters meaning to do harm.

This unit was donated to me by a patient and good friend that had to move back to mainland, Michigan he gonna show you how to grow it! Special thanks to Mike G we will miss you buddy!

Mobile Sunrise Sunset Calendar

Aloha friends and thumbs I am back with a little review on a helpful tool offered for iPhone in the App store. Sunrise Sunset lite(free) or pro($0.99)- a free gps based sunrise & sunset calendar to help all you thumbs track the Sun-moon and your day length. A helpful little tool for all you outside growers, this will help one in knowing when to get those summer plants out and not to mention get those last short season plants out for one last harvest, before that long summer. I personally find this App unbelievably useful, cause if not I have to get on Google and find one. This puts each days specifics right in the palm of my hand. The free version is all one really needs.



Catapiller Time In The Islands!

imageAloha friends and thumbs! Just my spring time warning that the Moths and Hawaiian Monarch Butterflies are out in full force. I personally use Safer Caterpillar spray on my outdoor ladies( 10 ml per gallon water), cause if not they would get ravaged. You can spot those little devils by the damage they do. Foliage or leafs will start to have damage a they will eat holes and complete tips of leafs. Also be careful of them curling up in your bud formations, you know they are there if you see little black specs, this their feces as they eat and destroy your buds by taping the stem for water behind tight bud formations. They secret a saliva that keeps the plant from healing the wound as they drink, as the plant continues to bleed water the bud formation will start to mold a purplish Grey mold from inside out (this is always accompanied by those black specs). Unfortunately can’t spray safer in the last weeks of flowering, so having a keen eye will help save your crops. Also a good ohn regimen will help.


**best to spray at night after cool sets in or early morning**

**I personally like 2 hours before sun up, so as my mixture has time to work and evaporation is slow**

Secret Bloom Soil! Hush!!!!!

Aloha friends and thumbs I am back to give you a secret ferment recipe I mix for my blooming phase plant. In layering my soils in transplant I am able to boost my bloom. Simple an easy I will be fermenting bananas, if you do your own research one will find burying bananas in your soil will boost flowering( potassium), many champion flower growers use this method. I take it another step, we always heard about the old guys talking about feeding plants fruit juice, well this kinda the same too but organically and we make a soil out of our ferment. So here it is:

Banana Soil:

1gallon container
2 bunches bananas or about a pound of peels
**1apple, 1over ripe papaya( these are optional)
1 bottle gin
3 cups brown sugar
30 lbs earthworm castings

1. Cut and put all fruit in a large container
2. Add brown sugar and stir until completely coated
3. Add 6oz gin
4. Cover with paper towel and rubberband
5. Let stand for 5days and stir after stir add one cup gin
6. Let stand 14 days
7. Add ferment to 30 lbs EWC and mix well let stand 5-7 days
8. Layer into transplant so as the roots grow into it, when they do wow
*** I also use this in sexing my seed plants in a 24 hr light cycle**

Advanced Nutrient

Aloha friends and thumbs I am back with another review and recipe for using canadian fertilizer, Advanced Nutrients. Advanced Nutrient can be confusing if your not ready for it, but the do make it easier on a first time grower with an online nutrient calculator on their which breaks down your mixing needs very precisely. With the addition to the local growing stores New Age Agriculture has opened in the Pearl City area, which specializes in Advanced Nutrient Basic 2 part Sensi lines and their higher end line Conissuer and all their additives. Also now Kahala Hydro is carrying Advanced line of nutrients. I personally only use the Sensigrow 2 part and Sensibloom 2 part, along with my compost teas.

** as of late I have gone back to CES 6 part for my veg fertilizer with teas**

As for smart nutrients I like Advanced, but personally I would never spend on all their additives when I make teas. Nor would I spend on conissuer line no matter what some says it supposed to do. I have had the products some good and some just as bad as my worst grow done with Bigfoot. The best line I have sampled from conissuer was a master kush, tasted just the same as my pure organic compost tea feeding, and I yielded more or less about the same. To each his own, someone once said. With that do realize that advanced 2 parts are very reasonably priced and will work good with manure based soil mixes, bought from walmart, homedepot or lowes.

Someone openened my mail! Update!!

Aloha friends once again, this time here to let you know what happened to my last seed order. Wow 2010 has been a more than a pain for getting seeds, I am here to help you with my knowledge and part of knowledge is understanding why so many patients feel they are alone in getting their medical plants growing. Not to mention I get legal then I order seeds( which is the only option for most all patients ) and The Department Of Homeland Security takes the liberties in opening my mail and discarding of my medical seeds and then repackages my parcel for delivery, I must be extremely dangerous to the welfare of the US, because as I an US citizen I know that The Department Of Homeland Security was formed to protect our borders from bombs and hazardous materials.

I Feel Violated As An American Citizen!!!! My trust and privacy in my constitutional rights has been breached and violated, what if that was my heart pills does the US government have the right to take my way of life away? Was my medical card not given to me by a licensed Medical Professional? Has any opiate derived pain pill helped my condition? Has any medical procedure healed or even been able to find what is wrong with me? And believe me I have many more!

What gives my government the tyrant like rights to invade and infringe on my US citizen rights, constitution and laws voted in place by our people. Does that not make our country seem more as a dictatorship than a democracy! North Korea has a leader that is acting like our law enforcement agencies that believe that all us sick Medical patients are criminals, if I was in it for the illegal gain would I be willing to give my name, address and information to The Narcotics Enforcement Division( not to mention have seeds sent to my home ). I guess if you are in law enforcement you can start diagnosing sick people. If you know better than my Dr. What’s wrong with me THEN PUT ME IN JAIL AND CURE ME!

Have we as a society learned from the mistakes of the Reagan era? I believe we have, why can’t we call a truce then to the war on drugs! 30 years and going, when will our politicians learn to stop fighting a force they only make stronger with resistance and just embrace the our homeland drug issues.

It is a fact that opiate derived prescription drugs cause more addiction in the US than all other illegal drugs combined. Which most all are made with opium farmed by in third world countries who rely on the US pharmaceuticals to create new users.

Someone in a nice suit is getting very rich in the US and will never allow us to end such a profitable war. As Americans we know that WAR in English translates to “PROFIT”, we learned this as a whole country with this last war in Afghanistan.

I have no faith in my own government to manage the control or even drug reform when they cannot even manage to differentiate between criminal activity and a sick American just trying to live.

This is what my parcel looked like after I had been violated by our Department Of Homeland Security and then was delivered to me empty. Just don’t deliver it or raid my ass! I must be Public Enemy #1 for teaching sick people to grow a plant for free, but most of all I am disappointed in how much our government has forgotten what our grandfathers fought for when it came to the United States. Let’s make a reminder FREEDOM!!!

** Attitude Seeds is the BEST! I received my second shipment of seeds, but I did use another.**

Roger Christie

For those friends and supporters of Reverend Roger Christie please take notice.

Aloha -

We are writing to you because you signed up at the website, and in some way Rev. Roger Christie touched your life.

There is a great injustice taking place in Hawai`i that threatens all of our cherished liberties .

Rev. Roger Christie, the founder and leader of the Hawai`i Cannabis THC Ministry, Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Where do I get seeds?

Aloha friends I am back to give advise on purchasing seeds or genetic online. With the option now of buying good seeds online one must know who are the reputable seed banks. First thing is check if you are dealing with a seed bank that ships to the US, then it doesn’t hurt to look at a few review sites. As for me I have had a few horror stories in ordering seeds, but it is usually cause my favorites are not selling the strain I would like. But easy here is my top 5 online seed banks or portals worth using.

1. Attitude seeds
2. Nirvana seeds
3. Amsterdam marijuana seed bank
4. Greenhouse seeds
5. Sensi seeds

Dr. Chronic is a NO

Aloha friends I am posting to today on an unfortunate online seed order that has still not been fully filled. Well as many medical marijuana patient do I ordered seeds online, from a seed bank for new strains and new potency levels of genetics for my own mixing purposes. Normally I would order through Attitude Seeds or Nirvana Seeds but I was looking for some strains I could not get through my usual sites, so unfortunately I ordered seeds through Dr. Chronic. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »