Seed Banks & Reviews

These are some of the web portals for patients to buy “souvenir”seeds from. Some good and some bad, I will give you my reviews and ratings on customer service, cost, shipping to the islands and most of all how good they seeds are. All my review data is compiled from actual experiences with these companies. If I am missing a site its cause I have not used them yet, I do have my favorites.

  1. Attitude SeedsCommunication via email is quick & they do reply, seeds germinate and are direct from breeder, good freebies with your purchase to make up for cost, Shipping cost is fair as they it will help to insure you get your order, shipping time is standard for UK to HI, mostly European Breeders but a good portal. My personal favorite cause they have not done me wrong.

  2. Nirvana Seeds - Communication via email is good but can be slow to reply but they do, seeds germination is good - had a few issues but they always make good, cost is fair but no freebies, shipping is standard and they get it here, good genetics( I find if you take their strains to long they herm out and seed, but they good genetics)

  3. - Communication via email is good with quick reply, seed are in original breeder packs, germination is high, cost are OK they have a type of members points but not sure how it pays out yet but no freebies. shipping was standard and cost reasonable.

  4. Dr.Chronic - Communication via email was slow and I mean days slow, My Package didn’t come for over 20 days and when I finally got a reply they told me all but 1 of the 5  strains i ordered where in stock, so I had to change my order and they didn’t even get it quite correct (gave me cheaper seeds that I paid for, Seeds came packed all messed up and each strain came like 2 -3 weeks apart, whats funny only strain to germinate was they one they had in stock was genetic garbage, cause I ordered the same seeds direct from Nirvana and they grew nice, shipping I paid for and OMG never use these guys!!!!!!!

more coming