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Cutting Edge Solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions & Organic tea 3 weeks

Aloha friends I am back with some feedback on Cutting Edge Solutions 6 part. Well I tried first to use CES (plant amp, mag amp, uncle johns blend) additives to GH 3 part during flowering and I found that they do not mix well if the plants are not accustomed to this mix. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

General Hydroponics 3part

General hydroponics
Aloha friends! Since I teach General Hydroponics as a base feed and boost for your plants I need to put some of my mixing instructions up. I will put an advanced feeding chart up soon. And remember our best ph levels are 6.4-5.8 for growth in our plant.

Mixing instructions and sequence for optimal growth and flowering

General purpose feeding in soil or hydroponics Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Green Light Products Rooting Powder Vs. Clonex

Clonex & Rooting: Cloning Products

Aloha again with a revised article and breakdown of a side by side test of Rooting Powder and Clonex, I also use Olivia’s but not in this experiment. Well I did a 10 day experiment with 3 different strains( Blue Mystic, Vortex, Gods Gift ) and all using 3 different propagation methods( aero-cloner, GH Rapid Rooter plugs in soil, and GH RR plugs in tray and dome ) creating one outstanding result. What I found happening in all my clones is Clonex seems to have created swelling and nubs looking to sprout within 3 days on vortex and showed no results on the other strains in the aero-cloner. Rooting showed nothing, no swelling or browning even. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Beware Growers! Root Aphids!

Root Aphids

Root Aphid

Growers beware Hawaii is being plagued this summer with an outbreak of root aphids. Due to the long travel time and close storage areas most every soil mix being sold in stores are culturing many bad things such as root aphids and other Bacterial soil contaminants. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »