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New Hawaiian Hybrid: Asylum

Genetics: Blue Hawaiian Hashplant X Blue Mystic
Flowering: flowers in 14 1/2 hrs light and finishes in 10 weeks of flowering.


Cutting Edge Solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions & Organic tea 3 weeks

Aloha friends I am back with some feedback on Cutting Edge Solutions 6 part. Well I tried first to use CES (plant amp, mag amp, uncle johns blend) additives to GH 3 part during flowering and I found that they do not mix well if the plants are not accustomed to this mix. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

General Hydroponics 3part

General hydroponics
Aloha friends! Since I teach General Hydroponics as a base feed and boost for your plants I need to put some of my mixing instructions up. I will put an advanced feeding chart up soon. And remember our best ph levels are 6.4-5.8 for growth in our plant.

Mixing instructions and sequence for optimal growth and flowering

General purpose feeding in soil or hydroponics Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Green Light Products Rooting Powder Vs. Clonex

Clonex & Rooting: Cloning Products

Aloha again with a revised article and breakdown of a side by side test of Rooting Powder and Clonex, I also use Olivia’s but not in this experiment. Well I did a 10 day experiment with 3 different strains( Blue Mystic, Vortex, Gods Gift ) and all using 3 different propagation methods( aero-cloner, GH Rapid Rooter plugs in soil, and GH RR plugs in tray and dome ) creating one outstanding result. What I found happening in all my clones is Clonex seems to have created swelling and nubs looking to sprout within 3 days on vortex and showed no results on the other strains in the aero-cloner. Rooting showed nothing, no swelling or browning even. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »