Dr. Chronic is a NO

Aloha friends I am posting to today on an unfortunate online seed order that has still not been fully filled. Well as many medical marijuana patient do I ordered seeds online, from a seed bank for new strains and new potency levels of genetics for my own mixing purposes. Normally I would order through Attitude Seeds or Nirvana Seeds but I was looking for some strains I could not get through my usual sites, so unfortunately I ordered seeds through Dr. Chronic.
As usual I did small research on my sites and I should have maybe contacted my usual seed bank to see if they could get my strains( which I ended up doing and getting ), but I thought I would give Dr. Chronic some business as they could acquire seeds from African and Canadian seeder as a portal, or so I thought. I ordered online where it said seeds where in stock, but no! Come to find out they must not have seeds on hand! Dr. Chronic a big no!

I ordered 5 sets of seeds on July 8 2010 and I am posting this on September 9th 2010: Safari Mix came first about 20 days after ordering. Cream Carmel camel 14 days after that. Top Dollar? Purple? Black Jack? Haven’t seen nothing, I have emailed Dr.Chronic and I get a lazy excuse as a response back. I will share my emails with all my friends because this should happen to no sick people ever!

Rev. Summit July 16 2010
aloha i ordered seeds from you folks and am at least been waiting for a tracking number my order number was @&$&& thank you and aloha

Dr. Chronic july 16 2010
I’m afraid there will be a delay on most orders being dispatched due to a un- expected problem at our suppliers end. We are trying our best to resume our normal fast service.
Please be patient, you have not been forgotten.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Dr Chronic Support.
Dr. Chronic July 20 you have incoming

Safari Mix received July 27
Cream Carmel received August 14

Rev. Summit August 26 2010
to whom it may concern, i have only received 2 sets of 5 sets of seeds i have ordered and it has been 2 months now going longer why is there such a wait? i am trying to be patient but this is a little ridiculous. please contact me back please. i would not like to have to suggest to others on my site that you are not a good choice for purchasing there seeds for medical purposes. thank you

Dr. Chronic August 27 2010
Hello there. I am terribly sorry for the length of time you’re having to wait.
As stated in the previous email we were having trouble receiving stock from our supplier. This lasted much longer than expected and as a result we have only recently been getting in a steady supply of stock. We are now working our way through the large back-log of orders and hope to be up to date with in a week or two. We will notify you when your order has been completed.
Once again I can only apologise that we have placed this burden on to you.
Peace, DocSupport
I have received nothing else to date September 9.

Unbelievable right my friends, it is hard to think these people are listing and selling products they don’t even stock! Why is there website stating they have these in stock! Why are you taking money for something you don’t even have! That is shady illegal business. This is a legal industry medical marijuana! It is not a back alley front for some seeds! I am more than amazed at how much communication I have received if any from Dr. Chronic and they have not even offered a refund or alternative strains they might have in stock. Truly now I do not believe they have any seeds in stock and I am even questioning the seeds I have received
if they are even what they say they are. They might just be random seeds out some potheads seedy stash. Well the good thing is now my usual seed sites are trying to get more of the genetics I am interested in.

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