Hum Tea For Summer

Humtea for all those organic gardeners cheap easy and done simply for the benefit of all your plants, you can strain or make a teabag, so you may use it in a sprayer for foliar feeding.

Use rain water or let ones tap water aerate for at least 48 hours to bring down chlorine levels so as mycorrhirzae (beneficial bacteria) will be able to culture.

5 gallon bucket
20-50 gallon air pump and air-stone
1lb-(1.25 cups) Earth worm casting or another live compost or vermicast
1-3 tablespoons Seaweed or kelp
1 tsp Molasses
1/2 cup Humic acid

1 fine mesh nylon bag for a tea bag if you are planning on foliar feeding it will help from clogging sprayer.

Optional to add fish emulsion cause it stinks and gives the bud dome weird taste- I don’t use it- but is better for your tea in bloom- add alfalfa pellets for nitrogen in veg( or some manure that smell)
For feeding every 10 days foliar and for drain off watering at least twice a month or when you foliar feed.


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