Compost Tea

Aloha Friends! Due to so many request from you I am going to post some of my favorite organic compost tea recipes. The cost on making a compost tea is really good and if you have your own worm bins cost gets even better due to recycling, not to mention fresh vermicast is the best living compost. I have a few good recipes: (mix in order to create beneficial environment for myccorhyzea)

Grow Tea: 5 gallon

1/2-1 cup Vermicast or earth worm castings
2 ml 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide
2-3 tbsp fine ground Mexican bat guano
1 tsp blackstrap molasses
1 tbsp liquid concentrated seaweed(seaplex/bio seaweed)
2 tsp fine ground humid acid
1/4 cup alfalfa meal
1 tsp trace minerals
5-10 ml fish emulsion(optional when using as follicular feeding)
1 heaping tsp fine ground myccorhyzea

Brew for 12-24 hrs use within 4 days of brew

Bloom tea: 5 gallon

1-1/2 cup vermicast or earth worm casting
2-3 tbsp fine ground Indonesian bat guano
1-2 tbsp fine ground 1-10-.2 Jamaican bat guano or 1-10-0 seabird guano
2 ml 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide
2 tsp black strap molasses
1 tbsp liquid concentrated seaweed
2-5 ml fish emulsion(optional)
1/4 cup alfalfa meal
1 tsp trace minerals
1-2 tsp fine ground humid acid
1 heaping tsp fine ground myccrohyzea

Brew for 12-24 hours best use is within 48-72 hrs

Teas are still good if there is foaming. If there is no foaming tea could have gone rancid.

Most of my compost teas are strained not bag brewed even though I foliar all of them. I use a top portion of a cheap pair of panty hose to strain out sediments and as to not to clog my Hudson sprayer or auto-mister heads. Remember to clean your equipment thoroughly after spraying because could create bad bacterial build up in hoses and sprayers if not cleaned properly.

Follicular applications:
Only thing to know is foliar at night or in low light, and get it up under the leafs. With the right combination for your environment compost teas help in pest control and boost to your bud growth and potency. I try not to add any fish emulsion to any tea I foliar as I do not like how it makes my finished buds taste. I have tried on more than a few strains and it gives a fishy after taste to everyone, but as for feeding the soil it works wonderfully and beneficial in vegetive state.

Why do compost teas work so good?

Because they are organic and don’t burn plants, the reason is we are adding back to a depleted soil medium for great natural organic nutrient uptake(we are feeding soil not roots). In brewing or culturing beneficial bacteria we are able to help our plants roots take up more sugars and carbohydrates that create healthy plant growth and dense & resinous flowering. Also compost teas have beneficial levels of certain bacteria that act like pesticides and also much like antibiotics that help fight of pest and diseases.

Here are some products to look for if you are not able to brew your own. I am using Cutting Edge Solutions as of now but add my own organics but CES has Solar Gaia. General hydroponics has Flora Blend(vegan compost tea) for you indoor hydro-farmers. I like but hard to get unless you special order Green Air products they have a wonderful 4 part organic nutrient line(Genesis- which to me gives House & Garden and also Advanced Nutrient there biggest competition) and also their organic additives (BioGenesis) UBioGrow products they have a wonderful 2 and 3 part organic tea line, any Alaska Bountea products.(Roland and John Evens are the best all around organic farmers that are giving away secrets) my advice to any growers is look at reputable farmers that have been farming for many years for they are the best help. Unfortunately many of the cannabis based online walk throughs are on beginner levels. It’s when one can take a proven applied knowledge and apply it to our plant (cannabis) and how we grow that we move leaps and bounds beyond what I call YouTube farmers. Although thank you to anyone trying to teach, but I am always in the search for new techniques and developments that will benefit my yield and potency. I do encourage any grower to adjust recipes on a controlled experiment level as to find what works best for individual farmers and their own environment. My recipe works very well for my environment and works well with my custom soil mixes and fertilizer regimen, this may not work as well for you but remember I built my knowledge from reading ingredient labels and just mixing my own. I have had bad results, some good but what I am giving you is my best recipes for results in potency & yield combination. So gave fun kids!


  1. Jean says:

    This is not compost tea. Wheres the microscope data. Your just making brown water.

  2. rev.summit says:

    Just to let you know earth worm castings are a form of composting and high in microbs so I would get informed and understand all the forms of comparing and making nutients, if you need help let me know I am understanding to the uninformed as I teach classes.

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