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Hawaii Healing Tree

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[email protected]

Gooogle Voice #: (925)238-8733

As a Cooperative our goal is to find willing caregivers for those patient unable to cultivate there own medication.

We offer Growing Classes: Organics, Hydroponics, Harvesting, processing and even Cooking & Medicine processing

We Offer Help in Custom made Organics,  Fertilizers, Indoor Grow Closets & Grow Cabinets and Custom Built Greenhouse Gardens and Irrigation Systems

We are a Cooperative Community of Medical Marijuana patients working together for a better quality of life.

We as a Cooperative can help patients acquire seeds, clones or on occasion full sized plants from other members as donations.


  1. guidecca says:

    Looking to buy a grow tent and grow lights complete setup if you have one to sell.

  2. Rev Summit says:

    How big are you looking for?

  3. guidecca says:

    My closets are about 2′x 8′x 7′. Its a condo so best to
    keep it out of sight. I have a card but the condo association and
    other people might object.

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