Ohana Greenhouse Discount Cards

Aloha friends and thumbs I am back again letting you know that the folks down at Ohana Greenhouse are now offering us growers some new things. Not only are they now carrying a much more affordable organic ingredient line Dr. Earth which now includes alfalfa meal and they got 25lb bags Finally. This will be a big help when building and amending your soil mixes, also they are now offering a new discount card for those returning customers. So ask for your card next time your in one of their locations, 5% off all cash purchases and 2% off card purchases

Ps. Roots organic has changed their 707 mix now to include livestock manure so be careful with small plants!


  1. worldclock says:

    Ohana Greenhouse Discount Cards - just great!

  2. guidecca says:

    I could have used that discount when I bought $102 worth of stuff from them. I hope that Formula 707 soil is worth it. I think I should have paid more and bought the Fox Farms soil.

  3. Rev Summit says:

    Ask the desk guys for a discount card if they don’t have them usually Dan the owner honors the discount if you mention my site.

  4. guidecca says:

    Thanks. I’m going to need more supplies and try to get a

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