Someone openened my mail! Update!!

Aloha friends once again, this time here to let you know what happened to my last seed order. Wow 2010 has been a more than a pain for getting seeds, I am here to help you with my knowledge and part of knowledge is understanding why so many patients feel they are alone in getting their medical plants growing. Not to mention I get legal then I order seeds( which is the only option for most all patients ) and The Department Of Homeland Security takes the liberties in opening my mail and discarding of my medical seeds and then repackages my parcel for delivery, I must be extremely dangerous to the welfare of the US, because as I an US citizen I know that The Department Of Homeland Security was formed to protect our borders from bombs and hazardous materials.

I Feel Violated As An American Citizen!!!! My trust and privacy in my constitutional rights has been breached and violated, what if that was my heart pills does the US government have the right to take my way of life away? Was my medical card not given to me by a licensed Medical Professional? Has any opiate derived pain pill helped my condition? Has any medical procedure healed or even been able to find what is wrong with me? And believe me I have many more!

What gives my government the tyrant like rights to invade and infringe on my US citizen rights, constitution and laws voted in place by our people. Does that not make our country seem more as a dictatorship than a democracy! North Korea has a leader that is acting like our law enforcement agencies that believe that all us sick Medical patients are criminals, if I was in it for the illegal gain would I be willing to give my name, address and information to The Narcotics Enforcement Division( not to mention have seeds sent to my home ). I guess if you are in law enforcement you can start diagnosing sick people. If you know better than my Dr. What’s wrong with me THEN PUT ME IN JAIL AND CURE ME!

Have we as a society learned from the mistakes of the Reagan era? I believe we have, why can’t we call a truce then to the war on drugs! 30 years and going, when will our politicians learn to stop fighting a force they only make stronger with resistance and just embrace the our homeland drug issues.

It is a fact that opiate derived prescription drugs cause more addiction in the US than all other illegal drugs combined. Which most all are made with opium farmed by in third world countries who rely on the US pharmaceuticals to create new users.

Someone in a nice suit is getting very rich in the US and will never allow us to end such a profitable war. As Americans we know that WAR in English translates to “PROFIT”, we learned this as a whole country with this last war in Afghanistan.

I have no faith in my own government to manage the control or even drug reform when they cannot even manage to differentiate between criminal activity and a sick American just trying to live.

This is what my parcel looked like after I had been violated by our Department Of Homeland Security and then was delivered to me empty. Just don’t deliver it or raid my ass! I must be Public Enemy #1 for teaching sick people to grow a plant for free, but most of all I am disappointed in how much our government has forgotten what our grandfathers fought for when it came to the United States. Let’s make a reminder FREEDOM!!!

** Attitude Seeds is the BEST! I received my second shipment of seeds, but I did use another.**


  1. Dale says:

    Some one you mean like in the Feds ??? They not someone…….

  2. Dale says:

    Post it on the face book .

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