Basic Watering and Soil Maintanence

Watering techniques -shifting soil

When ones plants soil medium is dry and ready for a watering one should practice proper watering techniques for shifting soil (when soil turns from a dry medium into a sponge) . This is done simply, but takes patience to do right, one doesn’t need any special meters or chemicals just time and water.
When one drenches dry soil it runs off in a potted environment and ones soil only gets so wet. One could sit there and waste gallons of water running it through the soil but that’s it a waste. Best is to drench and walk away for about 30minutes to an hour then repeat. In showing a little reserve our soil is allowed now to shift from a dry medium into a sponge ready to take on nutrient and also to flush out any unwanted build up.

After I let the pot drain and sit for another 30 minutes then I will feed about 2-3 cups of fertilizer solution to the base of the center stem. And might give it 2 cups liquid everyday if the soil and my plants can take until next shifting or soil maintenance is needed.

Also for soil maintanence in can use 1/4 ml-1 ml per 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water to oxygenate the soil and clean out bacteria build up. Some say this is bad! ” you’ll kill all the beneficial bacteria” ah yeah but it’s not that hard to put it back. Compost teas or just by subcultures, and I didn’t say add peroxide to all your watering.


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