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Clonex & Rooting: Cloning Products

Aloha again with a revised article and breakdown of a side by side test of Rooting Powder and Clonex, I also use Olivia’s but not in this experiment. Well I did a 10 day experiment with 3 different strains( Blue Mystic, Vortex, Gods Gift ) and all using 3 different propagation methods( aero-cloner, GH Rapid Rooter plugs in soil, and GH RR plugs in tray and dome ) creating one outstanding result. What I found happening in all my clones is Clonex seems to have created swelling and nubs looking to sprout within 3 days on vortex and showed no results on the other strains in the aero-cloner. Rooting showed nothing, no swelling or browning even.

Day 5 Rooting powder blast Roots of Blue Mystic & Vortex, not all the cuttings but one in each batch except for Gods Gift( hard to clone ). The cuttings in the Rooting, GH plugs and soil start to stretch also. Clonex Barely makes the deadline with one Vortex sprouting a root. Blue Mystic & Gods Gift do nothing and all plugs do nothing.

Day 6 Rooting sprouts more roots on cutting of Vortex & starts nubbin Blue Mystic, GG nothing, Plugs & soil stretching and some looks good. Clonex nothing day six.

Day 7 Rooting & Clonex do nothing bit help cuttings swell.

Day 8 Rooting Sprouts 1 more Vortex & Blue Mystic, Gods Gift roots one cutting, all plugs look good and stretching. Clonex finally sprouts a root in Blue Mystic and one more Vortex cutting, Gods Gift shows signs of nubbin. Plugs are alice but have some yellowing in the leaves.

Day 9 Rooting hands down! Need I say more! 100% of my cuttings of Rooting have rooted and have started to stretch. Clonex I am still waiting for results, some new swell on GG.

Day 10 never had to get that far. Rooting only took 9 days to root the same amount if cutting from each strain.

The greatest thing about Green Light products are they are found at Home Depot for cheap cost. $6 for Rooting powder and their Concentrated Neem oil is only $12.


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