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Cutting Edge Solutions & Organic tea 3 weeks

Aloha friends I am back with some feedback on Cutting Edge Solutions 6 part. Well I tried first to use CES (plant amp, mag amp, uncle johns blend) additives to GH 3 part during flowering and I found that they do not mix well if the plants are not accustomed to this mix. CES states that the Plant Amp will drop your PH and they don’t lie! I adjusted my reservoir to my normal optimal level and then the Plant Amp dropped it so unbelievably low( went from 6.0 - 3.8, pushing my plants to ripen rapidly.

So I suggest putting it in reservoir then let the plants bring the reservoir back to normal water PH level after about 48 hours then adjust your PH back to optimal level. If you start your plants on this mix in vegetive state with it works well together, but I find the combination creates very vibrant plant, but the growth is definitely a step behind the CES 6 part( but I had to make adjustments from the CES feeding chart due to the Plant Amp product mixed with Uncle John’s Blend in Hawaii I believe it has something to do with our water ). Not to mention CES is made organic and works well with a regular Hum-tea regimen watering and foliar feeding. There is one more organic additive made by CES called Solar Gaia which I have not been able to acquire in the islands yet.

Cutting Edgde Solutions Cuttings 10 Days

My Cutting are rooted and in soil I am feeding them CES twice a week and at 10 days they are becoming beautiful little ladies. As a long time GH user I am surprised with the difference in boost at this stage of my plants, with GH it would at least take 10 days alone to start to stretch. I believe it is CES additives that are moving my cutting out of their awkward cutting phase quickly, not to mention the new girth on all the new cuttings main stems. CES has made me a believer in their products, but if you are a first time user, REMEMBER no need adjusting your ph when using that Uncle John’s Blend, Plant Amp and Mag Amp combination.


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