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Low Cost & Easy To Do Cloning

Aloha Thumbs! Here is a reminder that sometimes simplicity works! I always get lots of questions on cloning and my techniques which I have done all. Honestly it’s in my frugal nature to be more Lo- tech and Low Cost! So let’s set you up!

1. Sterile medium, new potting soil or sphagnum moss,rooting plugs, rock wool and Perlite. This will range in cost with what you decide to use.

2. Rooting hormones- Rooting powder$5-$7, clonex$10-$45, Olivia’s $25 and so on, I like the cheapest.

3. Spray bottle for water, clean water!

4. Sterile punning scissors

5. Sterile razor blade

That’s what I use and my lighting is natural sunlight and 6500k daylight T8 fluorescents. This is low cost all around and helps every grower get a little more closer to self sustainability. I will be posting some videos on taking cuttings and show you my favorite methods and techniques I use.


First always sterilize your pruning scissors and razors before use. Prepare your medium and make sure it’s wet.

Tips: make cuts and put in cold water for at least one hour, I have refrigerated cuttings for days to weeks and still had good results when rooting. This also perks up cuttings and keeps them from quick wilting.

1. I take cutting and half cut all sugar leaves.

2. Cut your stem at angle with sterile razor blade

3. Dip cut stem in water to hold rooting powder

4. Dip wet stem in rooting powder, be sure to coat your stem at least 1/2 inch up.

Tip: I use a sterile shot glass, and only take out as much powder as I will be needing, as to not contaminate whole bottle of powder, leaving me sterile powder for future use. Discard used powder after use.

5. Insert into medium, be sure to use a sterile stick or toothpick to make whole first as to not rub off powder.

6. Spray cutting with clean water, be sure medium is prepared and wet, and coat cutting and I always stay a good dose down the center stem to wet all the powder residue to get it around bottom end of cutting.

7. Place under low intensity lighting.
( shaded or fluorescent lighting )

8. Spray at least twice a day with clean water till roots show.