Cannabis Butter aka Green Butter

Cannabis Butter aka Green Butter:

This a good one! So many different ways to do, double boiler, crock pot, and just saute. My version is made in large batches 8 lbs of butter at a time.
Smaller recipe
1. 1 lbs butter
2. 1/4-1/2 oz. Cannabis(shakes, stems, leaves, vaporizer leftovers)
3. Crock-pot with warm setting


1. Add butter to crackpot on low and melt
2. When melted turn to warm setting so there is no boiling
3. Add cannabis
4. Let warm for 24 hrs and stir( time not heat will make better butter!)
5. Let warm for 12-24 more hours
6. Strain and cool.

** I make large amounts and cool in a cylindrical container, after 45 minutes in freezer I use hand blender to whip air into butter and also mix all settlement up to make even potency throughout all my butter.**

** some add water to grind to pull out last bit of butter after liquid is strained and cooled, this is ok I suggest cooking with that butter first. !! Beware do not add this to regular strained butter if you are storing, water will cause your butter to mold!! **


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