Aloha Hawaii growers found a solution to the mutated mosaic!

Due to the flood of problematic plants in Hawaii infected with a mutated hemp mosaic virus! This is a preventative step and the left over juice can be fed to infected plants and sprayed to cure.

Recipe for 10 gallon mix
1.5 tbsp molasses
2 oz Em or lactobacillus
4 tsp hygrozyme
2 oz liquid humic acid
2 tbsp liquid sea kelp
.5 tbsp mycorhyzea
1 large coco chunk block

I have been also mixing it in my new potting soil mix and layering on the bottom instead of perlite to stop the airborne viral fungal spores that are attacking plants. I don’t know if it is due to the last volcanic fog but this new format of mosaic starts subtly and becomes a holy terror! It has many faces as I find lately as I have now seen this viral attack in indoor organic and hydro and definitely in outdoor grows across this island and from my emails all Hawaiian islands. I will be posting new coco soil mixes and video tutorials on layering soon. Hope this helps those thumbs having the same problems. Takes a little time to cure but its better than starting over. I will also post the video on making the foliar cure!


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