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Compost Tea

Aloha Friends! Due to so many request from you I am going to post some of my favorite organic compost tea recipes. The cost on making a compost tea is really good and if you have your own worm bins cost gets even better due to recycling, not to mention fresh vermicast is the best living compost. I have a few good recipes: (mix in order to create beneficial environment for myccorhyzea)

Grow Tea: 5 gallon

1/2-1 cup Vermicast or earth worm castings
2 ml 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide
2-3 tbsp fine ground Mexican bat guano Read the rest of this entry »

Menehune Magic

For all you local growers, Menehune Magic! Our own local soil and compost recycler on Oahu. One can find bags of menehune magic in some stores but the best is to get out to Campbell industrial and get a truck load of your own custom mix made right there. The cost is by far the best in the islands if you are a soil user(check their pricing list online). I will suggest conditioning any mix before use, Menehune Magic ages their compost 12 months before mixing(minimum industry standard). I personally would plan ahead and age after mix for another 60 days before use. Look them up!

Super Soil

Super soil

Aloha friends I am back with some tips about Super Soil and how to mix your own. Some might not have space and time and if that is the case I will suggest Fox Farms Ocean mix or Roots Organics Super mix, but best is to mix your own and I make it fairly easy and this works for me. I usually mix on a tarp. Read the rest of this entry »