Erweiterte Nährstoff

Aloha Freunde und Daumen bin ich wieder mit einer anderen Bewertung und Rezept für mit kanadischen Düngemittel, Advanced Nutrients. Erweiterte Nährstoff kann verwirrend sein, wenn Ihr nicht bereit dafür, aber die haben es leichter auf einem erstmals Züchter mit einem Online-Rechner auf ihrer Nährstoff die bricht Ihre Mischen Bedürfnisse sehr genau. With the addition to the local growing stores New Age Agriculture has opened in the Pearl City area, which specializes in Advanced Nutrient Basic 2 part Sensi lines and their higher end line Conissuer and all their additives. Also now Kahala Hydro is carrying Advanced line of nutrients. I personally only use the Sensigrow 2 part and Sensibloom 2 Teil, along with my compost teas.

** as of late I have gone back to CES 6 part for my veg fertilizer with teas**

As for smart nutrients I like Advanced, but personally I would never spend on all their additives when I make teas. Nor would I spend on conissuer line no matter what some says it supposed to do. I have had the products some good and some just as bad as my worst grow done with Bigfoot. The best line I have sampled from conissuer was a master kush, tasted just the same as my pure organic compost tea feeding, and I yielded more or less about the same. To each his own, someone once said. With that do realize that advanced 2 parts are very reasonably priced and will work good with manure based soil mixes, bought from walmart, homedepot or lowes.

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