Patient Workshops sind zurück!

Aloha Freunde und Daumen! Zurück diese 4. August mit meinen Workshops und Blog. Kontaktieren Sie mich und ich werde Ort und Zeit bieten. Patient Workshops werden am 4. und 20. eines jeden Monats für jetzt statt, I hope to be holding workshops in different locations to help patients in their own areas as I understand transportation issues for some. Hope to hear from you and hope to see some of you soon.

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  1. Kaki Conner sagt:

    Aloha! I just registered for my blue card on the 1st of September and was given your website.
    I’m interested in learning how to grow. Do I need to actually have the card in my possession or can I attended the workshop before hand? Looking forward to speaking with you and learning a new skill.
    Mahalo, Kaki

  2. rev.summit sagt:

    Aloha my friend, I would prefer you have your card first, or if you are willing to be a caregiver let me know but use the contact google number and leave me a message and I will get back to you.

  3. rev.summit sagt:

    Go to the contacts on the web page my friend and call the google number, and I will return your call, next open work shop is on the 20th of December

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