Ohana Greenhouse Discount Cards

Aloha Freunde und Daumen Ich bin wieder zurück so dass Sie wissen, dass die Leute sich an Ohana Greenhouse bieten jetzt uns Züchter ein paar neue Dinge. Nicht nur sind sie jetzt trägt eine viel erschwinglicher organischen Bestandteil Linie Dr. Erde, die nun auch Alfalfamehl und sie bekamen 25 £ Taschen Schließlich. This will be a big help when building and amending your soil mixes, also they are now offering a new discount card for those returning customers. So ask for your card next time your in one of their locations, 5% off all cash purchases and 2% off card purchases

Ps. Roots organic has changed their 707 mix now to include livestock manure so be careful with small plants!

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  1. worldclock sagt:

    Ohana Greenhouse Discount Cards - just great!

  2. guidecca sagt:

    I could have used that discount when I bought $102 worth of stuff from them. I hope that Formula 707 soil is worth it. I think I should have paid more and bought the Fox Farms soil.

  3. Rev Summit sagt:

    Ask the desk guys for a discount card if they don’t have them usually Dan the owner honors the discount if you mention my site.

  4. guidecca sagt:

    Thanks. I’m going to need more supplies and try to get a

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