自分で作成する方法EM - 1™接種とぼかし


アロハ親指とお友達. 私は1つを私の最大の秘密離れた与えるために午前, それは私自身の手作りのルート接種またはEM™/ BAMです。(有益なアクティブな微生物) 米水で作った, ミルクと砂糖. 多くは、棚はばかげて価格のバージョンを購入している, それらとはほとんどどのように自分のものを作るを知っている. ハウス & 庭は、ルートアクセラレータを作る,Hygrozyme, Sensizyme, 高度な栄養素ブードゥジュースは、自分の家の文化だけでなく、あるいは、幾つかのケースでも、より良い仕事をしたいくつかの高価格の製品です. I know many growers that would not even think of culturing their own or even would have the know how to, しかし、私は自分自身の質素な有機園芸目的のためにあなたが私の知識を提供しています. どのようにリサイクルやワームと堆肥について話をして言及しないように, 今、私はぼかしの日本語フォーム堆肥や発酵、どのようにし、自分の家は、安価な代替ぼかしバケツやぼかしミックスを行った場合をご紹介します.


効果的な微生物, 別名 電磁技術, 現在一般的に独自のブレンド記述するために使用商標用語です 3 または、主に多くの種類の 嫌気性の organisms that was originally marketed as EM-1™ Microbial Inoculate but is now marketed by a plethora of companies under various names, each with their own proprietary blend. “EMテクノロジー™” uses a laboratory cultured mixture of microorganisms consisting mainly of 乳酸菌の, 紅色細菌, と 酵母 which co-exist for the benefit of whichever environment they are introduced, as has been claimed by the various em-like culture purveyors. それは報告されている[1] 含める:

の概念'フレンドリー微生物の日本園芸で開発されました。 照夫比嘉, 沖縄県の琉球大学から|沖縄, 日本. 彼はその組み合わせは約1970で報告 80 different microorganisms is capable of positively influencing decomposing organic matter such that it reverts into a ‘life promoting’ process. Higa invokes a ‘dominance principle’ to explain the effects of his ‘Effective Microorganisms’. He claims that three groups of microorganisms exist: 'は正の微生物' (再生), '陰性菌' (分解, 変性), ‘opportunist microorganisms’. すべての媒体で (土, 水, 空気, the human intestine), the ratio of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ microorganisms is critical, since the opportunist microorganisms follow the trend to regeneration or degeneration. したがって、, Higa believes that it is possible to positively influence the given media by supplementing with 微生物.

EM™ Technology is supposed to maintain sustainable practices such as farming and sustainable living, and also claims to support human health and hygiene, 畜産, 堆肥や廃棄物管理, disaster clean-up (南東津波の 2004, 兵庫県南部地震, and Hurricane Katrina remediation projects), and generally used to promote functions in natural communities.

EM™ has been employed in many agricultural applications, but is also used in the production of several health products in South Africa and the USA.[引用は、必要に応じて] (燃料添加剤の製品は使用できなくなります).

マレーシアの高等学校, 委員会国立高等学校の’ Onn Butterworth, ペナン, MSは、雑排水を治療するために使用している, minimise odour from Septic Tank & 排水汚泥を除く。.


電磁/ BAMの: この営業秘密が!(乳酸菌培養)

1/4 カップ米


1 カップの水

1 細かいメッシュのストレーナ

80 オンスのミルクは1つ作ってどのくらいに依存して

1 ガロン容器またはjar

1 小さじ. 黒ストラップ糖蜜


1. 石工の瓶にご飯と一杯の水を入れ、水が白濁するまで精力的に振る, 米カーネルをオフに株とディナーツアーに堆肥のbinや料理を捨てる. 私は発酵を助けるために必要がNATOのダッシュを追加して日本の聞いたことがある.

2. キャビネット内に緩くストアの場所のキャップまたは冷暗所に 5-7 日.

3. ふるいにかけるから、トップ層とひずみ液 (血清)

4. とお米の液体を測定する現在の比率を追加する 1 の部分は、米を発酵 10 部品ミルク, 私は文化をする 1 ガロン瓶. その簡単に 5-7 日.

米水と乳清発酵 3 日 - 通知の蓋は、圧力を構築しないように上に立地です.

5. カード決済をオフにふるいにかけると土壌に追加したり、それが彼らの消化に適していますあなたの動物を養う, then there should be a light yellow serum left this is your unactivated serum.

6. 追加 1 小さじ糖蜜が供給し、細菌が生き続けると冷蔵. 貯蔵寿命をが必要です 6-12 ヶ月.

7. to activate microorganism activities and to room temperature non-chlorinated water at a ratio of 1 一部血清に 20 部の水.

8. 土壌や濾胞送りに直工場に供給.



ぼかしは、集中の方法です 堆肥化. これは、使用することができます 好気性の または 嫌気性の 接種は堆肥を生成する. 1回 スターター培養 行われる, それは無限の文化を拡張するために使用することができます, のような ヨーグルト カルチャー. 人気の導入以来、 効果的な微生物 (における), ぼかしは、一般的にmAです。

ドのみ 糖蜜, 水, における, と .

家でアプリケーションをコンポスト, 台所廃棄物と封止することができるコンテナに格納されます。 気密 メンバー. これらのスクラップは、さ 接種 ぼかしと における ミックス. これは通常、キャリアの形をとる, このような

として 米殻, ふすまやほこりを見た, ことは、微生物を堆肥に接種されている. EMは自然である 乳酸 細菌, 酵母, と 光栄養の キッチン内の微生物のコミュニティがスクラップになる細菌は、その行動, 有機物の発酵加速内訳. The user would place alternating layers of food scraps and Bokashi mix until the container is full.

ぼかしは、適度に簡単かつ安価にすることです多くのオンラインビデオチュートリアルがあります, 初心者のための絶好の場所というのに、チューブがいくつかの助けを得るために, しかし、ここシンプルで簡単な方法は、ぼかしを作ることです. 主に小麦の殻やふすまから作られたが、私はオート麦から任意のものを使用している人の聞いたことがある, 大麦, 木材チップ、さらに無塩ピーナッツの殻.

ぼかし粒 :( 10 & 50 ポンドミックス)

10 ポンドの小麦ふすま

4 大さじ電磁血清

4 大さじ糖蜜

10-12 カップは、非水を塩素


50 ポンドふすま

3/4 カップのEM血清

3/4 カップ糖蜜

3-4 ガロンは、非水を塩素




1. 水とよく混和して糖蜜を追加します。.

2. 追加エム血清

3. いずれかの大量のを作っている場合に混在させる混合容器または上で何かふすまを置く.

4. 徐々に液体追加し、すべての液体が追加されるまでvigourouslyミックス

すべてのふすまの材料は、湿らせたです. ぼかしミックスと同じように湿ったする必要がありますわずか自体にスティック.

5. 私の発酵のために私はありません 5 ガロンバケツやゴミ袋. Once my mix is ready I line a 5 ガロンバケツ 2 trash bags and start scooping my Bokashi mix in side in layer, compacting and squeezing all the air out of my bran mix.(基調講演: Air will create the wrong bacterial culture and if you see black , 緑色または灰色かび病を離れてミックスを投げる, white is OK that is yeast.) バケットバッグや場所気密蓋オフネクタイ.

6. ストア 14 発酵のためのクールな暗い領域の日数.

7. 開いて発酵ミックス(香りがリンゴのような甘いする必要があります)と雑貨コンクリートの上に、または太陽の下でタープの, 時間は乾燥のためのあなたの場所と時期によって異なる場合があります.

8. あなたのぼかしの堆肥化のためのコンテナの場所が必要, 浄化槽をオフにしてトイレを流す, より良い消化に株式を生きるフィード.

まあこれはあなたの有機医療庭園親指を受ける必要がありますカップル格安簡単企業秘密です. 必ず緑と質素な、それは私たちは自分たちのことを行う最適です. あなたは、植物のプロバイオティクスと有機農業へのより多くの研究を見て行う必要性を感じる場合.

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  1. Rick 言う:

    After I let the milk and rice water ferment for a week, I will skim the curd off. Now I haveunactivated” 血清, do I refrigerate
    With or without molasses ? Does the molasses activate the serum? Or just unchlorinated water activates the serum?
    Thank you.

  2. Edward 言う:


    Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    I also have used lacto fermented EM1 in my bokashi with very positive outcome.
    But at the same time still curious if my homemade methode mission out on some important bacterias ( phototropic ).


  3. rev.summit 言う:

    Aloha Rick sorry for late delay, holiday weekend.
    Your serum is to be refrigerated after straining and when you would like to activate it add your molasses to the serum. The water does not activate the microbes but gives it a large environment to populate. Adding the activated lacto to in chlorinated water with more molasses will stretch your lacto and create a higher rate of replication in microbes but at the same time that activated water will now have a shelf life. This is why it is mixed right before being added to the wheat bran in making bakashi. The water needs to be absorbed by the bran and the organisms piggy back water into the bran start to ferment and then to a point become dormant again till added to waste and reactivated.

    P.S. been getting great result by using 2/3 molasses and 1/3 Organic barley malt in the activation of a newer version. Also experimenting with some brewers yeast versions

  4. rev.summit 言う:

    Experiment my brother! Make controls as no one said you have to use just these things. As I am experimenting with Organic Barley malt and brewers yeast also in my serums with great results. As a farmer with one plant in one pot, each plant can be a controlled experiment. I encourage growth in knowledge too. As our grandfathers used ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANICS, meaning the harnessed and created out fertilizers and pesticides right out of there own environments. Look into harnessing IMO or IMHO what ever you would like to label them and find what’s best for you. Humans wouldn’t be alive if we needed a company or a magazine article to tell me what I need to grow a vegetable or my meds. 1000 years ago my great grandad didnt need it and I don’t need it today either. Just remember if you are unwilling to do it yourself then you part the problem. Our DRIVE THRU SOCIETY is unfortunately to blame for no farmers and GMO as not enough of a farming army to feed the masses but, we will blindly let a few feed us using chemicals and machines. Keep the homeless starving and worse the masses struggling for jobs, let machines farm for us, and lol maybe the matrix does happen and the farm us.

  5. Florence 言う:

    Dear Sir,
    Can I check with you what if the rice liquid with milk being fermented more than 7 日, say 21 日, does it brings any effect?
    Hope you can revert. TQ

  6. rev.summit 言う:

    I have had some let it sit for longer, seems the cheese will start to firm food mold which isn’t always good, but had one patient make a batch and said let it stand 14 days and then sifted off the cheese and the mold and it never touched his serum, and he had no ill effect, but I cannot say that it won’t either. That’s why I make small batches as it has a shelf life. If the serum is refridgerated the shelf life is longer as you may activate small batches of dormant lactobacillus.

  7. Dustin 言う:

    Question for you do you shack the rice water and milk before setting it in a dark spot? また、, after your 7 days do take all the curd off the top or strain it?
    Thanks for your time Dustin from Michigan.

  8. rev.summit 言う:

    Well up to you to shake or stir your milk when mixed, but only when first put together. As time and being in disturbed helps the splitting process. And yes strain your cheese off and your serum is what u want not the cheese.

  9. Dustin 言う:

    So I shouldn’t have nothing in the bottom of the jar? Cause I didn’t stir or shake the milk and the rice water(血清) when I added the milk to it. Is this gonna be problem?
    Thank you for your help and how to make the EM. This is very great and helpful!!
    Dustin from Michigan

  10. rev.summit 言う:

    Should be no problem, but realize you are adding infected rice water to milk at 10 parts milk to 1 part infected rice water, and after sifting there will still be some cheese settlement this is fine as long as there is only small pieces.

  11. Dustin 言う:

    Can you add the bokashi straight to the soil without any composted material, will this effect the plants?

  12. REVサミット 言う:

    I have had some friends add the bolas hi grain straight to garden areasand have seen newer style bolas hi compost tea brewers. I personally don’t but I do use inoculated coco chunk in my newest soil mixes. The coco chunk is soaked in a activated lactobacillus and hormone stew. Then layered on bottom of my pots instead of perlite and also mixed in my potting mix at a 15%-20% ratio.

  13. Christine 言う:

    こんにちは, how do I know if my rice water is well fermented and ready to mix with the milk? Thank you for sharing this great hope for the planet.
    I’ve been using E.M. for almost two years: love it!

  14. jacopo 言う:

    ciao, spero riusciate a leggermi in italiano.posso aggiungere acqua e zucchero al posto della melassa che non riesco a recuperare?ho filtrato il mio siero finale e lo sto mettendo in frigorifero:devo lasciarlo in un barattolo chiuso ermeticamente?grazie per le eventuali risposte.

  15. Jonathan 言う:

    Thanks for your generous sharing.
    I have been using bokashi for a while and I’m just about to run out, hence finding this site. I’m wondering if the liquid ‘run-offfrom a previous composting is any use in creating a new batch. Intuitively it seems logical, but I’ve not seen any reference to it anywhere. Any thoughts?

  16. Diana 言う:

    Can you use something else instead of milk? I don’t consume milk. マハロ

  17. REVサミット 言う:

    It takes about 5-7 days to be ready and stinks like old dish water.

  18. REVサミット 言う:

    There are folks using the books hi juice or bokashi-cast stew for watering and also using bokashi brewers. I would try a control but the need for the lactobacillus coming from milk cannot be skipped.

  19. REVサミット 言う:

    Cannot make lactobacillus without milk sorry. Lacto only is derived from milk.

  20. REVサミット 言う:

    From what my translator gave me let me reply. No water and sugar are not the same as molasses. Molasses are filled with trace minerals which regular sugars have not as they are left in the molasses. Sugar is the final product in processing and is not the processed material with the best qualities.

  21. allan 言う:

    Water kefir has no milk and is full of LAB and yeast.
    So milk is not required if you want any kind of lactic acid bacteria
    Water kefir thrives on molasses n brown sugar

  22. Hope 言う:

    RE: DefineMilk
    Does it matter if you use organic, raw goat or cow milk versus GMO pasteurized, hormone-laden cow milk?

  23. Hoan 言う:


    I’m just wondering if pasteurized milk would contain lactobacillus? Would it be better to use raw milk or yogurt to ensure the presence of this bacteria?

  24. Annie 言う:

    Please can you teach me how to prepare EM-5?
    Thank you

  25. REVサミット 言う:

    Thank you for sharing Alan I didn’t know that I will try a control batch! Can’t wait!

  26. REVサミット 言う:

    Aloha hope,
    Well I have used all those types and all work wonderfully, but I do personally like 2% milk as seams to leave me with a more serum.

  27. REVサミット 言う:

    I use pasteurized and works fine.

  28. REVサミット 言う:

    Annie aloha,
    Look at my OHN or oriental herbal nutrient post, as the number 5 version is what I call OHN as it is certain ferments with certain herbals, sugars and spirits like vodka.

  29. lawrence 言う:

    can i use pure sugar-cane in place of molasses?

  30. lawrence 言う:

    it’s so interesting but how to produce molasses locally?

  31. sandi 言う:

    Aloha Rev,
    I was wondering if you have heard of a recipe for making a type of Bokashi that is good for ponds. I’m not sure what medium to use. 私は. I don’t want to add more nutrient to the pond, but I want it to be able to settle on the sludge and help with its decomposition. ありがとう

  32. mahsen 言う:

    Can i use brown sugar in substitute for molasses, which is not available in our town.

  33. Michael 言う:

    Thank you,for this formula. I have been reading a lot of the positive effects of EM1. I have never used it and was going to buy a bottle until I came across your Web page. I am going to make my own. I do have two questions . Is white rice ok or is brown rice better. When I take the inactivated EM from the refrigerator and activate it does it need to set up for a few days before I use it on my garden or plants or do I use it immediately .

  34. Suggest as an alternative to milk lactobacilis would be sourkrout. If you can find some unpasteurized it should make a good starter culture. Most organic cabbage will have the bacteria on them naturally so you could make your own krout and use the serum from it as compost starter. I have some in the back of my refrigerator so I am going to add some water and molasses and see what happens.

  35. Pacifico Yap 言う:

    Is EM-1 safe for human consumption? If not how do you prepare one? ありがとう

  36. Brandon 言う:

    Once you have your starter culture, how do you feed the starter to keep going?

  37. REVサミット 言う:

    What are you referring too the starter culture? The infected rice water or the lacto serum?

  38. REVサミット 言う:

    Funny I have a food allergy too food bacteria and have tried thE curd from the top which tasted like cottage cheese, and I feed it to my animals and they love it. I have a friend that takes shots of his own lacto brew, so I would say yes if you have done everything correct.

  39. REVサミット 言う:

    Yes there are some bacterial that might be used, but using water will not make lactobacillus as without the milk you have no lactobacillus which is derived from the splitting of the milk. But I am not saying not to try and use the juice from the sourkrout to see if it can create the splitting of the milk.

  40. REVサミット 言う:

    アロハ, I have used both brown and white rice to make my lactobacillus. And once you bring your inactive serum to room temp you need to feed them with molasses and you will start to see your foam after shaking and will be active for few days to weeks depending on how much molasses you feed those microorganisms, try adding some barely malt and brewers yeast buds also to add a few more effective microorganisms and benefits to you or your garden.

  41. REVサミット 言う:

    I have never feed with brown sugar for this process, but I use it in my muddling of my ingredients for my OHN.

  42. REVサミット 言う:

    Make active serum and add into the pond and see what happens as I used it to clean the green Merck out my Oscar tanks more than once and no ill effects to the fish actually they were healthier after, funny made one feeder get so big that the Oscar refused to even bother.


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