Waikiki Worms

Aloha thumbs! Good news for all you organic growers Waikiki Worm is here! Located right next door to Ches Mavaro on Kings st. near the Mccully intersection. Get your Down to Earth Organic fertilizers at a really good cost too. WW is the only gardening store that I have come across that carries both powdered Humic acid and Alfalfa meal and a couple other meals that no one else carries also. The day I went in a Tuesday, sorry thumbs they not open on Mondays, I met a very friendly and personable lady named Mindy, and she made my shopping easy and informative. Also if you have been following me and my grow techniques, WW sell compost tea brewers from Global Solutions and their tea catalyst, but I can teach you to make your own.
But if you would like a store bought this is the place to get one since no other stores carry brewers. Most of all WW has worms($40 – 1/4lb red wigglers) for your own composting worm farms for production of vermicast for teas or to mix in your soil. Thumbs composting is a very productive technique for creating the best organics for your plant in a localized environment, and be using your waste( I use shredded junk mail, all my green waste and egg shells). So thumbs get to town and check Waikiki Worms out.


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