LED ufo grow pannels

LED yes or no? Are LED panels worth it? Well as technology moves forward we find ourselves with a question that needs to be answered, has manufacturers found a way to make LED UFO panels equivalent to HID lighting, as for my experiments I can now answer some of those questions.

I have been growing indoors under HID lighting for many years, in so dealing with high electric bills and continually having to monitor my temperatures in my grow areas. Well I find with the correct spectrums LED panels are energy efficient and low in heat equivalent. The performance of LED ufo’s varies with wattage, size and definitely light spectrums used. As a grower I find LED great for vegging plants, although most UFO models seem to stretch a plant very thinly, because the power and penetration of lights have not yet even come close to the performance of a Metal Halide in vegetive and an High Pressure Sodium in the flowering of ones plant. Also watch how much one waters and feeds because with LED the soil dries slower and it seems can create a build up of nutrient in soil mediums. The yield from an LED flowering plant is usually disappointing and otherwise way under the gram per watt, and I have tried many brands and all have failed to harvest an equivalent crop to the wattage and space being occupied.

That brings us to the questions which panel should I buy?

Well in looking for a LED UFO cost and wattage can vary, also look at the spectrum of red that is being used. Our best growth performance comes from dual band panels( unless you are going to flower LED the a quad is a little better ), using blue spectrum of 465 nm per square in. and red spectrum is key cause marijuana grows best at 630 nm p/in. Now cost depending on manufacture will vary. And I also have noticed the spectrum fading with prolonged use out of plastic LED bulb panels. Also look for panels that attempt to push 1-3watts per bulb, these are usually a focused glass LED bulb panel and the higher end come with spectrum controls to turn specific spectrums down or off in specific growing phases. These panels will push a higher price range and higher wattage and one reason glass bulbs get hot and make the panels hot so the manufacturer must add fans in the units. If you are interested in buying LED there are now sone stores in the islands that are carrying some panels and ufos. I would suggest buying from ebay, alibaba or amazon to jeep your cost down. No matter what no LED I have encountered can beat a HPS or the sun for bloom and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.


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