General Hydroponics 3part

General hydroponics
Aloha friends! Since I teach General Hydroponics as a base feed and boost for your plants I need to put some of my mixing instructions up. I will put an advanced feeding chart up soon. And remember our best ph levels are 6.4-5.8 for growth in our plant.

Mixing instructions and sequence for optimal growth and flowering

General purpose feeding in soil or hydroponics

Seedlings and cuttings
Brown floramicro- 2ml pg
Green floragro- 2ml pg
Pink florabloom- 2ml pg

Mild gro for general purpose
Brown floramicro- 5ml pg
Green floragro- 5ml pg
Pink florabloom- 5ml pg

Veg or grow
Brown floramicro- 10 ml pergal
Green floragro- 15 ml pg
Pink florabloom- 5 ml pg

Transition to bloom
Brown floramicro- 10 ml pg
Pink florabloom- 10 ml pg
Green floragro- 10 ml pg

Bloom or flowering
Brown floramicro- 10 ml pg
Pink florabloom- 15ml pg
Green floragro- 5ml pg

First weeks flowering Liquid koolbloom- 5 to 10ml pg(soil-add to hydro feed)

Last 3 weeks flowering powder koolbloom- 1/4tsp pg(soil-feed separate with water not feed.)

I do suggest using a chemical flush(final phase, floraklean, clearexe) for periodic maintainence and begininmg phase of final flush.


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